is it time to abandon
the representative system?

Let's together look for new ways to involve all in decision-making

what is Project OSG

The project is the design process of a collective functioning method to enable the members of a society to take part in the structure of governing their society, directly through open-sourcing the legislation/regulations. The concept departs from the disappointment with the representative systems in organizing societies, and observation of available tools (namely the internet) that can replace or challenge the current system in place. The project invites thinkers, artists, programmers, social scientists, political scientists, financial professionals, and the public to take part in a conversation, in order to eventually design a blueprint by which we can build any open-sourced legislated society.


Its all about collective thinking. We meet each other, discuss deas and concerns, and ake things possible through a collective will


By thinking outside the box, unlearning the complexity, and rethinking the way we do things, Project OSG tries to educate itself


With respect and care for all parts of the society, collective decisions can happen. The main aim is to involve people in their own future


The main aim of project OSG is to design a blueprint on which differenct societies with different sizes, can be able to form their own legislation

This project has been realized by the support of CBK Rotterdam, Showroom MAMA, and Mondrian Fonds


Project OSG is at the moment based in Rotterdam Do you need some explanations? Are you interested in joining forces with us? Are you interested in the subject? Do you know about something we might like? Drop a line or two. We are eager to hear from you. Also you can subscribe to our newsletter form in the contact page