episode #6, Populism & Alt-Right with Florian Cramer

22 April 2022 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

For the sixth episode of our podcast, I have invited Florian Cramer to discuss populism and alt-right with me. During our conversation, we touched upon many subjects; from populism and its contemporary history, different types of populism, populist leaders, Dutch politics, alt-right and its different shapes, to online mobilization of the right-wing, open-source programming and its history, elections, and direct democracy.

Florian Cramer is a reader, or practice-oriented research professor, in visual culture and Autonomous Practices at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

He has written a large number of critical essays throughout his career which encompassed both DIY publishing and academic writing since the 1980s. Florian investigates transformations of cultural production, no matter whether they take place in institutional art systems or in popular culture. That’s why he has been interested in meme culture for more than a decade.

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Open Source Governance aims to design a blueprint with which a group can collectively and inclusively form questions and find answers that can help organize their community. The project is an interdisciplinary research and social design process that uses debates, workshops, case studies, publications, and other mediums to empower groups to find possible ways of self-governing. This is done by investigating the wisdom of the crowd. At the core of the idea lies the notion of governmentality. The concept departs from the disappointment with the representative systems in inclusively and fairly organizing societies, and observation of available tools (namely open-source programming) that can replace or challenge the current systems in place.

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