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Do systems of representative function as they are supposed to? How inclusive are we in making decisions that affect a larger group or a community? How can we come up with questions and ideas that represent all members of a given community? How does collective consensus help form more accurate results? What tools are out there to help us empower and benefit from collective decision-making?

Consensual Questioning and Collective Implementation is a lecture followed by a workshop event, during which Pendar Nabipour will introduce possible answers to these questions in relation to his research project Open Source Governance.


Following the lecture, Lina Zeller, Sarah Drapeau, Engy Mohsen, Santiago Pinyol, María Angélica Madero, Sinem Görücü, Rahel Stange, Agata Guńka and yourfriendkas will facilitate a digital space dedicated to Making decisions together. Pendar will lead a workshop in which the participants will try to collectively come up with a number of common considerations and wishes regarding collective decision-making and how to implement those decisions.

‘We would like to start with a simple question: how do we create something together with someone we do not know at all?’



Photo by Gregory Hunt