episode #7, Updates & recap + Institution Participation Council

16 April 2023 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The seventh episode comes after a long pause. The previous episode was released almost a year ago. During this busy period, many things have happened that kept me from releasing a new episode. This includes my election to the Institution Participation Council of Willem de Kooning Art Academy where I work as a tutor since 2021. This council is called IMR (short for Instituutsmedezeggenschapsraad), which is a representative committee representing both staff and students. These councils are required by law in all Dutch educational institutions. I will give detailed explanations and share stories about my journey within this council, and how I am experiencing and understanding being part of a representative body (the very thing this project is trying to rethink).

Besides that, I will also do a recap of the six previous episodes and briefly explain what those episodes were about, to refresh our memories after the long pause. I will also explain and revisit the whole idea of why this project exists and how it is relevant to my practice as an artist.

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Open Source Governance is a research project that aims to design a blueprint with which a group can collectively and inclusively form questions and find answers that can help organize their community. The interdisciplinary project is a social design process that uses debates, workshops, case studies, publications, podcast, and other mediums to empower groups to find possible ways of self-governing. The concept departs from the disappointment with the representative systems in inclusively and fairly organizing societies and observation of available tools (namely open-source programming) that can replace or challenge the current systems in place.

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Tilburg University Auditorium 1969, Frans Godfroy standing left, cheering. Photographer unknown


Unanswered Questions by Kevin MacLeod
Rollin at 5 – 210 – full by Kevin MacLeod
Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod
Dances and Dames by Kevin MacLeod

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