Consensual drawing meditation sessions

As part of our mission to practice collective consensus, and stimulate mindful and creative approaches toward group work, we are holding biweekly consensual drawing meditation sessions. During these sessions and in a small group of attendees, we will try to practice collectively reaching a consensus regarding choosing drawing exercises to do collectively on that day.

The main aim of the session is to decompress from the workload of the week behind, let go of the possible pressing matters at hand, and reach a state of mindfulness using drawing as a tool to find balance. The aim of these sessions is not necessarily the improvement of artistic skills (although this might be a result), but more finding commonality between the attendees using drawing to bring us to a state of peacefulness.

These sessions follow a basic set of steps and house rules which is open to be updated by the attendees, according to a possible consensus on changing these rules.

Sessions are made of three stages:

  1. Warm-up drawing exercise connected to breathing and getting in the zone. This exercise is proposed and selected by the attendees.
  2. Meditative drawing which is usually longer, deeper, and more meditative than the warm-up. This exercise is proposed and selected by the attendees.
  3. Cooling-off exercise. This could be any activity proposed and selected by the attendees in order to end the session in a vibrant and joyful manner.
  • A blank notebook, papers, and drawing material are provided by Project OSG, otherwise, you are welcome to bring what you feel comfortable with.
  • These sessions are free but limited according to the capacity of our studio. Donations are not necessary but welcome.
  • In general, any topic, action, or language that triggers stress or discomfort is discouraged, including talking about work.

These sessions are held every other Friday at Deftsestraat 9D, where the project is based. Please send us a message and register if you are interested.