Project history

The project has held the following events and activities since 2015:


  • Presentation/performance in GEMAK Den Haag:
    December 2015. Part of Exit GEMAK: All Art is Political, Kunst = Politiek. Link here
  • Presentation for Conversas Rotterdam at Mevrouw Bok, Rotterdam:
    March 2016. Part of Conversa #58. Link here
  • Presentation for Imaginary Institution at MONO Rotterdam: June 2016. Part of Dive in 2
  • Presentation for Wake-Up Stories at Club Solo Breda:
    August 2016. Part of Wake-up Stories, Parking Gallery Tehran. Link here
  • Presentation for Mondriaan Fonds at Art Rotterdam 2017:
    February 2017. Part of Prospects and Concepts. Link here
  • Six public sessions hosted by MAMA Rotterdam: January – September 2017. Link here
  • Public session during Ideology Meets Implementation, at W139 Amsterdam:
    October 2017. Link here
  • Core group session at LeesZaal West Rotterdam: February 2019.
  • Collective Decision-Making workshop for RASL at WdKA:
    September 2019. Part of RASL Summer Program 2019. Link here
  • Public intervention workshop for Academy Minerva Groningen:
    January 2020. Part of Project Week Minerva Academie. Link here