Future plans
  • Ongoing State: Project OSG (short for Open Source Government) has made an agreement with Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam to hold regular monthly sessions in order to continue the discussion and to develop the design of the blue-print of an organization chart for a possible society with open-sourced legislation.
  • Participation: After many presentations, currently the project has gathered a reasonably large list of followers and names as participants of the project, as well as people interested in collaborating in future plans of the project as a work force by contributing their help, therefore, forming the project OSG group of initiators.
  • Research: Despite the collaboration of members from other fields, a constant need for research is a must for all its members. The topic of this project is rather technical in all of its aspects. The experience has shown that in order to keep up with the discussion and not to slow it down, the participants will need to study the terms before engaging with the conversation. But other than the participants, the project OSG group of initiators should spend a considerable amount of time in researching about the different topics related to the project. The topics could vary from political science, programming, law and sociology, to economy and defense. That is why a general knowledge and an updated state is more than necessary for the members.
  • Documentation: Using brainstorming, mind mapping on large papers, audio recording, and online collective noting, the project is developing a documentation system, by which any new participant can track back to the core of the discussion in order to fully follow the discussion.
  • Seminars: In addition to the regular sessions, the project OSG will hold larger seminars in order to more widely discuss the idea with a larger audiences. The venue for these sessions will need to be discussed and reserved. The seminars might be held in different locations and countries. They are expected to be held once a year, possibly twice.
  • Location: The core activities of the project will happen in the city of Rotterdam, due to its well-known diversity and youth. Introducing Rotterdam as a playground for such projects is also another intention of the project OSG.
  • Speakers: For the seminars of the project, it has been planned to invite lecturers, thinkers and specialists to present talks and discussions for the participants.
  • Publications: An annually printed publication to distribute during the seminars, as well as to give away to the attendees of the regular sessions, with an abstract of the latest state of the project, will help better spread the idea. The annual print and other Different publications could act as a form of an artistic output by the members of the project.
  • Simulation: Since the beginning of the project, it has been suggested by many participants that such project will need to be tested, experienced and observed before it can grow any larger and to make its way to the real politics. The idea can be implemented in either a small society like a school, an art residency, or a prison. After the blue-print reaches a more presentable level, it is strongly suggested that together with a larger institution such as a refugee camp, we make a simulation practice of how an open-sourced legislation may actually work. Then document the results for further research.