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    The workshop
    During the first session of this workshop on the 9th of October 2020 we discussed and practiced collective decision-making. We talked about governmentality, the wisdom of the crowd, and common concerns. We used different techniques in reaching consensus.
    In the second part of the workshop we will get to know the setup of the final presentation. In this session of OSG workshop, the students will learn about the mutual grounds on their projects with one another. Also, they will learn: How to organize? How to work together? How to listen to each other? What do they need to know for organizing event/exhibition? What do they need to do for organizing an event? And the importance for group dynamic and group work for self-organizing an event. In the end the students will learn how to curate.
    The second workshop will be held on the 27th of November 2020

    The task of this forum
    In this forum, the students are asked to communicate with each other and use this forum as a room for sharing thoughts, resources and ideas.
    The students have already formed groups and they are working on different projects. But different groups do not necessarily know about other group’s projects. Here groups are asked to communicate with other groups to update the whole class about the progress. This will enable them to organize the final exhibition. The students will share responsibilities, take up tasks, and most importantly, use this forum to share their individual group’s statement texts for the exhibition, and evidently, make a general text for the whole exhibition. This requires reaching consensus about what the exhibition is, and what is it trying to say in a general sense, as well as in individual groups. The exhibition narrates a story that shall be reflected in this text.

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