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    Osg is a way for citizens to participate directly in their government.

    This has some advantages, to name a few:
    1. Less corruption, it is easier to buy a hand full of politicians compared to the majority of the population.
    2. More knowledge, politicians have to get informed by experts. While citizens sometimes may know the problem up close.
    3. Faster, 24 hour voting and quick turnaround.
    4. Efficient, more people working together without planning meetings.
    5. Trust, sometimes politicians can make choices against the promises they made. Citizens make their own choices that they feel comfortable with.
    6. Verification, all votes are counted with blockchain technology, compared to proprietary software and trust.
    7. Decentralized, no single attack vector
    8. to be continued.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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