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    Liquid Democracy explained in my own words:

    First let me explain the representative system, this is mostly current system in the Netherlands. Every 4 years we vote for a party or individual in this party who most closely matches your beliefs. This person “represents” you in the parliament. This person basically brings out their vote on your behalf, and has more say, the more votes this person receives.

    Now let me explain “direct democracy”. Here the citizen votes directly on topics and not on a “representative” to do the voting.
    OSG can be seen as a direct democracy, as the citizen votes directly on which laws he/she wants.

    Now imagine combining these two systems into one. You can vote for topics directly you feel strongly about, or if you lack the time or knowledge, you can “give” your vote to a representative you trust to do the voting for you.

    I feel this is a good choice for OSG as it eliminates the problem “but this will take a lot of time if I have to vote for everything myself”. Also it is a good drop-in replacement for our current system in the Netherlands, because people can keep voting for their favorite leaders if they so desire.

    Here is a link with a picture that explains it visually:

    Misae Jaspers
    Post count: 9
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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