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  • Misae Jaspers
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    For my idea of how the OSG-decision-making-website should be I would like to share my insights.

    What is: “OSG-decision-making-website”, this is not the current OSG website, but the website where voting takes place.

    How do we decide the voting system? There are many ways to decide the winning proposal, for example majority voting, but I don’t think this is up to us to decide, the website should decide it itself. This means we do not make any decisions about what OSG will look like, no, we build the platform (tool) for users to decide upon this themselves.
    For this we must create a minimum viable platform to kick-start the project. This means distilling what it means to make a decision and how to organize it.

    In my eyes (for now), these are the fundamentals:
    0. The problem, this could be seen as the title for proposals to be categorized under
    1. Proposals, everybody can copy, edit and create new proposals/ideas/solutions
    2. Voting, choosing your favorite proposal that you would like to see succeed
    3. Commenting, working together on refining existing proposals, by giving suggestions, comments, news, information

    In the future I can see these features being added:
    Up-voting comments, proposals and titles to show importance
    Alternate titles for the problem, different people may see the same problem differently
    For example “Giving everybody 1000 Euro per month” can alternatively be “Introducing universal basic income”
    Being able to comment on the title, proposal, and other comments, and the problem as a whole independently.

    Title: “Guaranteeing enough money to survive for all citizens”
    Proposal 1: “We should cut money on subsidies for banks and redistribute this money to all citizens”
    Proposal 2: “Don’t guarantee enough money for all citizens to survive, this is useless, and should not be changed from the current system”
    Comment: “There are currently not enough monetary resources to do this without raising taxes”

    Misae Jaspers
    Post count: 9

    Edit, I forgot than a moderator would also be handy, not to silence people, but only to remove spam and other unnecessary material.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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