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    This may be updated with real word experience, but for now this is information I found online.

    Hopefully we can get OSG registered as a political party in the near future!

    1. Anybody can start a political party in The Netherlands, you don’t even need to be a citizen, nor is there an age limit. (thanks to the fundamental right: Freedom to assemble)
    2. To give your party a name like OSG, you need to register it, there are two places for this. Depending if it is a local and national party.
    3. Cost to register is 450Eur for the Tweede Kamer, and 225/112.50Eur for local parties.
    4. To be able to register, the party must be registered with KvK as a “vereniging” cost:51.3Eur.
    5. A notary must define the statutes of the party (like who can become a member), the notary may also assist with the paperwork for the KvK in step 4. The notary requires at least two people for a “vereniging”.

    Okay, so all of this can be avoided if the party chooses to be on the “Blanco List” this means that the party name won’t be listed above the candidates (like the text “OSG”), but instead a number below 100. This is why you see some parties with the text “vote list 14” instead of “vote partij van de toekomst”

    One this is completed there are more costs:

    1. If it is the first time a political party takes part in the tweede kamer elections, it must pay 11,250.00Eur to confirm its seats. This money is returned if a party gets at least one seat (zetel).
    2. A support statement must be signed at your local township. This is to verify that you want to take part in the elections, and must be filled in voluntarily (to make sure you were not forced into this position). This is also where the candidates for the party are listed. To get your candidates listed in one of the 20 “voting regions”, you need at least 30 people to “support you” per voting region. Voters can do this by signing a form that they want to vote for you 14 days before candidacy. To get the whole country to be able to vote for you, you would need 580 (19×30+10) support statements.

    Notes: 1. A judge can prohibit a political party if it causes concern for public order.
    2. You can be a candidate in the tweede kamer without joining or starting a political party.

    Sources: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/democratie/vraag-en-antwoord/hoe-richt-ik-een-politieke-partij-op

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